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Double Your GROWTH.

You Can Confidently Satisfy And Manage Your Clients, Much More Easily Scale Your Productivity, Reduce Operational Costs, Improve Visibility and Maximize Profits – With Less Pain, Frustration And Stress, While You Work From Anywhere And At Any Time. ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED!

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A Better Way To Grow Your Firm

The all-in-one FLEXIBLE Smart Law Office… To Manage Your Firm, Cases And Clients Virtually At Lesser Costs And Time, With ZERO Technical knowledge!

It doesn’t matter if you are a solo lawyer, small, medium or large firm, you can RUN Your ENTIRE firm online from Anywhere at Any Time. Drive your competition crazy,  Gain online visibility globally, compete with the top guns on a level playing field with an unfair advantage.

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The Smart Law Office...

Allows you to easily automate your firm operations, monitor tasks and activities. It also affords you the luxury to collaborate with your team, grants you immediate access and enables you to work on all your documents from anywhere in the World!

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Reduce Operational Costs And Time

You don’t have to physically be in your office, if you don’t need to. Save running costs, cut down on commute time and stress. Expedite the resolution of issues and ensure that optimal solutions are set in place. 

Easily set up automated workflows through which a case passes from initiation to prompt completion.

Manage Deadlines

Deadlines are… well… deadlines. You are a professional. You deliver results. You can’t miss deadlines. No excuses. Period. With the Smart Law Office, you can easily meet deadlines.

Never get surprised by an upcoming deadline. Get reminders. Team leads or supervisors can track progress and ensure deadlines are met.

Remote Access: Work Anytime From Anywhere

If you didn’t hear me, let me tell you again. You can work from home or from ANYWHERE! ALL your files and client’s documents are SECURELY accessible to you wherever you are.

Work doesn’t have to stop because you are not in the office. If you travel often you can stay productive and get your job done comfortably! Stay connected with your office even when you are away.

Documents Retrieval In An Instant

Think of the time you waste to get to a cabinet or shelf. Search through a stack of files. Pull out one. Flip through all the papers filed away to locate the one thing you are looking for before going back to your desk.

With the Smart Law Office those days are over! Just type a name or keyword and click enter. All the information about a client and a case are displayed right in front of you - just like that! Wahoo! Pleadings, briefs, emails, transcripts… all in one place. When you are done, just click save!

Real-Time Efficient And Effective Collaboration

Work never has to stop. NEVER. Handle with a breeze collaboration, and automate information sharing, tasks and activities from the simple to the complex. Keep your work going and collaborate with your colleagues in real time. Easily access information and communicate with each other through a single interface increasing productivity and work efficiency.

No need waiting for one person to finish with a file before getting access.  Work together!

Never Ever Lose A File. Get Organized

Ever lost or wasted time looking for a file? Pretty annoying huh? Make that a thing of the past. Never waste time looking for a file again. Quickly store and retrieve all your documents in the clouds SECURELY.

All clients’ information and files and other firm documents are stored in one central location. Share it easily or revoke access with just a click.

Files can’t just go missing. They are backed up online.

Schedule Meetings On The Fly

Simplify the whole process with our easy to use calendaring/meeting module with just a few clicks. You can see time team members have set as free and schedule a meeting.

No need to go round asking each person when they are free. Also easily re-schedule meetings. Never miss a meeting, set reminders.

Your Smart Law Office Is Flexible

We don’t believe one size fits all. Everybody has his own shoe size. The same way, your law firm needs are different from others. That’s why we made it flexible. 

Customize your operations! Choose how you want your firm to run virtually. Want to make changes later on? Easy! Change it again. It’s that simple.

Fast Access To Information With Seamless Real-Time Updates

All documents and information are SECURELY stored online. Any update is reflected instantly. No one is left behind if there are any changes. And because it is cloud based, team members can access this information anytime and anywhere.

Success Stories

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Time Tracking And Billing

Track your time. Bill accordingly. Never lose track of billable hours. Link a particular case with your billable hours. Be transparent with work done and your billing. Simple and easy

Team Transparency And Reports

Monitor team members, tasks and responsibilities. Improve transparency. Quickly identify risks and address problem areas easily.

Generate different reports automatically for presentation. Just select the criteria and click.

Improved And Personalized Client Care

The Smart Law Office gives you a client portal where your clients can login and interact with you. They can track progress, view reports you create for them, upload documents and send messages to you 24/7 even when you are away.

Give your clients a more personalized experience!

If You
  • To Have a Competitive Edge
  • Effortless Information Sharing
  • Increase And Empower Team Collaboration
  • Easily Meet Up With Deadlines
  • Easy Document Retrieval
  • Work Remotely
  • Surpass Client Expectations
  • Save Money, Time and Effort
  • Better File Organization
  • Direct Team Communication
  • Secure Document Storage
  • Client Communication And Management
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This is a wonderful innovation, you truly advance legal services and law firm management apt and accurate.

Nice work, with this app.

We don't need a physical office/building anymore; principals and partners can monitor/manage their offices/firm from nooks and crannies with ease.

Once again, nice innovation, well-done

Firm High Flier Solicitors

The Smart Law Office is a wonderful innovation.

 I found it quite interesting to use.

I would definitely recommend it to law offices as a way to maintain efficiency and

effectiveness even in disruptive times such as the world experienced in 2020.

Barr Aduragbemi  Dokun Makinge & Co

I think it captures everything a law firm needs, and the features are adequate.

Clients and employees and even the public can access the app, which is great!

You really did a good job with this, and it was engaging.

Even with the time difference to complete the task, it was well coordinated.

Thank you once again!

Barr Bashirat E  Wahab Egbewole & Co